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January 20 2010


Interviews wanted at jailed Baku blogger's London protest

I'll have a small video camera at the demonstration outside the Azerbaijan Embassy on Friday Jan 22 @ 1pm.

The idea is to get short, 30" clips from some of those who made the effort to turn up.

The interviews will go into an article on Media Helping Media (MHM) and on MHM's You Tube site and our Facebook Group.

So if you see me with a small Flip camera and want to send a message, please say hi.


January 19 2010


Media Make Change launches Haiti project

5 easy ways to help:

1. Send us your used cameras. Don’t let that 2005 gem of a digital camera continue to collect dust. Give it the chance to collect critical information on current events and social/political crises. Give it the chance to help Haiti.

2. Post about Project Haiti Speaks on your blog, Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. Status updates are as meaningful as you choose to make them. Tweet about making change in Haiti today. You know you can spare 140 characters or less to save the world.

3. Read blog posts and watch videos produced by Haitian citizens. The media giants get enough attention. Seek out the stories that are produced by the people. You’ll get a much more balanced perspective on current events.

4. Contribute to the conversation about what we, as concerned global citizens and citi-journalists can do to make a difference. Learn about Haiti’s history, comment on blog posts, talk about what’s going on, and engage in the process of making social change.

5. Check back frequently on Media Make Change for updates on Project Haiti Speaks. Or better yet – stay in the loop by signing up for our RSS blog feed, following us on Twitter, friending us on MySpace, and becoming a fan on Facebook.

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Jordan court ruling threatens online press freedom

According to the Jordan Times the court's ruling empowers authorities to prosecute or impose fines on journalists, bloggers and editors for publishing online material that may be deemed offensive or imply criticism of the government, national unity or the economy.

Haiti: Press Freedom in the Disaster Zone

As the media continue to report on what will be a story for months, if not years, we hope that government officials and aid organisers will keep in mind the need for transparency and access to information for reporters around the world. At no greater time than during a war or a major disaster are we reminded of how critical the press is in imparting knowledge and holding organisations and governments, and sometimes citizens, accountable.

Becoming a global media brand in 100 minutes

Anyone can be a global broadcaster and publisher in less than two hours using free tools that can be downloaded and activated in minutes. The following six steps offer a deliberately simplistic take on what is involved.

MDLF clients provide news to 32 million people

The Media Development Impact Dashboard 2009 reveals that more than 32 million people got their news from MDLF clients in 2008 and that after five years of working with us news businesses on average increased sales by 370%.

January 18 2010


Female journalist jailed in Yemen

Reporters Without Borders condemns the three-month jail sentence which a Sanaa special court for press matters passed on Anissa Mohammed Ali Othman on 16 January for “insulting the president” in two articles for the weekly Al-Wassat in July 2007. The court also banned her from working as a journalist for a year and fined her editor, Jamal Amer 10,000 rials (34 euros).

“This sentence, worthy of a bygone era, matches the pattern of the Yemeni government’s press freedom violations of the past nine months,” Reporters Without Borders said. “When the international community hold its conference on Yemen in London next week, it must condemn these repeated violations even if they are being committed in the name of a legitimate fight against terrorism.”


10 tips for interviewing politicians

MicrophoneThere is a fine art to interviewing politicians. You need to understand their motivation, realise they will have a script, not allow them to complicate matters, refuse to be sidetracked, retain an open mind, know your subject, avoid a slanging match, and remember that you are only there to uncover information to inform the public debate.

Jan 22

London demonstration supporting jailed Azerbaijani bloggers

13:00 Azerbaijan Embassy, 4 Kensington Court London, W8 5DL Add this event to a calendar application
Support Adnan and Emin posts details of two demonstrations scheduled to take place outside the Embassies of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Paris and London in support of imprisoned video blogging youth activists Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli. The two men were detained last summer and sentenced to 2 and 2.5 years in prison in what most observers consider to be a politically motivated trial. More details.

How to help journalists in Haiti

A Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) initiative. @HelpJournalists

Editorial ethics for Twitter journalists

ethicsEditorial ethics of balance, impartiality, fairness and accuracy are at the heart of all good journalism. Without ethics some so-called journalists will be pumping out PR and propaganda. This module looks at journalistic ethics for the social networking world.


Rebuilding the media in Haiti

It is impossible to locate survivors, organise relief and distribute aid without reliable news and information being relayed by functioning news media. The major relief operation being mounted by the international community in Haiti requires a similar effort on the part of the international media, which have a vital role to play.

But the Haitian press has been devastated by the earthquake.

Reporters Without Borders therefore intends to set up a centre of operations for Haitian journalists in Port-au-Prince in order to enable them to cover the situation and thereby assist the process of providing assistance to the population.


London protest for jailed Baku bloggers

On January 22nd, at 1 p.m, protest in front of Azerbaijani Embassy in London part of a series across the world calling for the freedom of the "Donkey Bloggers".

Free custom-made training for journalists

Media Helping Media (MHM) is offering to write custom-made training modules for journalists in countries where support is not readily available. Just email the details of the need to this site and we will consider the request and try to produce a module, free of charge, by drawing on the MHM network of journalists worldwide.

How to set up a converged news operation

This module covers the editorial disciplines, workflows and technical systems needed for a news organisation to be able to exploit its content on multiple platforms (devices) in order to broaden its reach (increase audience) and tap into new revenue streams (financial sustainability). 

South Asian media academy planned

Plans are at an advanced stage for the setting up of a "state of the art training facility" in Bangladesh which aims to produce "honest, courageous, energetic, passionate and skilled media professionals" operating throughout South Asia. More

January 17 2010


London protest for jailed Baku bloggers

On January 22nd, at 1 p.m, protest in front of Azerbaijani Embassy in London part of a series across the world calling for the freedom of the "Donkey Bloggers" more

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Maria Eismont director Russian independent Media Programme for the New Eurasia Foundation talks about the health of independent newspapers across the Russian Federation. Click here for more.
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Charles Maynes, programme officer for the Foundation for Independent Radio (FNR), talks about the state of independent radio across the Russian Federation. Click here for more.
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