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January 27 2010


Colombo hotel under “siege”

From the Daily Mirror in Sri Lanka

A leading hotel in Colombo where Presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka is currently at with several other opposition politicians, is said to be under “siege” with the army insisting that a group of deserters in the premises surrender.

Army spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakara, speaking to Daily Mirror online, said that the army deserters should surrender immediately. However the deserters do not seem to be showing any signs of surrendering any time soon.

Meanwhile opposition leader Ranil Wickramasingha and several other opposition members also arrived at the hotel a short while ago.

Brigadier Nanayakara had earlier told Daily Mirror online that some 400 army deserters with weapons are holed up inside the hotel.

Urgent message out of Sri Lanka

msg from opposition leader Sarath Fonseka's daughter "let all yr frinds know... we arestuck and can't get out as surrounded by Gajaba Unit.we need the people to know.. also the sirasa has been surrounded too so they can't say aney thing Pl nw is the time we neede all the people"

Today the Opposition Leader was held under house arrest along with the Elections Commissioner, Dayananda Silva and the aiport and private tv stations are also under military control in Sri Lanka following elections results.

Colombo Times
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Press freedom gets a red flag as World Cup approaches

As South Africa prepares to host the 2010 World Cup and “soccer fever” reaches its height, press freedom may be left on the benches. Police have recently subpoenaed two journalists working for private station e.tv to reveal their sources in a story about a scheme to commit violent crimes during the big event.

January 26 2010


Southeast Asia - battles ahead to defend media freedom

This year, in the first three weeks of January alone, we have already been given a sampling of the battles that must be waged to defend the press and journalists of the region.

With chairmanship of ASEAN in 2010 transferring from Thailand to Vietnam, the big question is, how far will ASEAN and AICHR go in recognizing press freedom as a legitimate agenda for the region’s leaders? The answer to that will only begin to be hinted at and explored over the course of the coming months. But it will be crucial to everything, from covering the elections in Burma and addressing impunity in the Philippines to protecting the integrity of the Internet as a democratic medium throughout the region.

Azerbaijan's human rights record "further deteriorated"

Human Rights Watch says, in its 2010 World Report, that Azerbaijan's government continued to use defamation and other criminal charges to intimidate and punish journalists and bloggers expressing dissenting opinions; at least nine are serving prison sentences at this writing.

January 25 2010


Berlusconi decree could stifle internet in Italy

Ecommerce Times says the Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi has issued a 34-page decree that would subject Internet content -- including user-generated YouTube videos -- to a vetting process meant to keep objectionable material away from minors. "Google and the Internet live without regulation worldwide. This is impossible," said Berlusconi.

As Sri Lanka election nears, pro-opposition writer vanishes - Committee to Protect Journalists

New York, January 25, 2010—The Committee to Protect Journalists is deeply concerned by the reported disappearance of Prageeth Ekneligoda, a political reporter for the Sri Lankan news Web site Lanka eNews.

Lanka eNews Editor Sandurwan Senadeera told news organizations that Ekneligoda was last seen leaving the office on Sunday evening. He told news outlets that he fears the reporter may have been abducted. In its own account, Lanka eNews described Ekneligoda as a political analyst who has supported opposition presidential candidate Sarath Fonska, a retired general, in Tuesday’s election. The presidential election has already been marred by widespread violence and accusations of cheating by both sides.


20 diting tips for creating compelling TV and radio packages

Structure, timing, positioning and letting the interview breathe are all essential elements for ensuring a TV or radio package works. Don't try to cram too much into an item, perhaps just three points, and steer clear of noddies and walking shots for TV, they are boring. The following points should give those starting off in journalism a few tips to help produce coherent and informative packages. Please feel free to add comments.

20 interviewing tips for journalists

Journalists setting off for an interview need to be prepared. Try to keep it to three questions - at a push make it four on the basis that if you haven't worked out in three questions what you want the person to say you never will. Always be polite and thank the interviewee at the end. Never look at your notes and always listen to what the other person is saying in case they say something startling.20 interviewing tips by Jaldeep Katwala.

How to find out whether you have been plagiarised

Plagiarism Today sets out tips on how to find out whether the stuff you write has been nicked. Don't just search the title of the piece, pick a specific line that is phrased in a fairly unique way, put quotes around it and Google it. 

I can't figure out whether it would be more dissapointing to find you hadn't been plagiarised than it would be to find loads of cases.

Top Tools For Tracking Topics on the Web

According to ReadWrite Web, "tracking topics on the Web can be a painful process, due to the amount of noise and difficulty of filtering it. So to help you out, we've selected and categorized the leading topic-tracking tools. This is based on the discussion that arose from our earlier post about topic feeds, which are RSS feeds for keywords or phrases."

Chinese human rights web sites suffer attacks

CNET is reporting that the sites of Chinese Human Rights Defenders and four related groups were targeted by cyberattacks over the weekend, according to the organisation. A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack paralyzed the Chinese Human Rights Defenders site for about 16 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Also attacked were Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch, Independent Chinese Pen Center, New Century News, and Canyu, the group said.
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Media Freedom in Sri Lanka says a journalist attached to the Lanka e news website who has reported being followed in recent days has gone missing. The picture (above) is of the news realease emailed this morning.
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Journalist to chair Human Rights Watch Board

Journalist and editor James F. Hoge Jr. will take over the chairmanship of Human Rights Watch in October. Hoge, currently editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, will become the fourth board chair in Human Rights Watch’s 32 years.

World Report: Abusers Target Human Rights Messengers | Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch - Washington, DC) - Governments responsible for serious human rights violations have over the past year intensified attacks against human rights defenders and organizations that document abuse, Human Rights Watch said today in issuing its World Report 2010.


Free Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli

The “Support Azerbaijan youth activists” campaign, whose mission is to secure the release of activists Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli, has been collecting videos of solidarity from worldwide supporters.

January 24 2010


Tips for fledgling news organisations wanting to be more effective

Free tips on setting out a content strategy, identifying and serving a target audience and creating a financially sustainable media operation.

January 21 2010

Phillip Niemeyer | Picturing the Past 10 Years | New York Times
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