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January 28 2010


Hajizada still in jail after appeal postponed twice

Alumnus and activist Adnan Hajizada’s appeal is set for Feb. 6 after being delayed twice, once by the defense. Hajizada’s first appeal, which was scheduled for Jan. 8, was postponed when the complaining witnesses, Babak Huseynov and Vusal Mammadov, were not there. The second appeal date was postponed when a lawyer of Hajizada and fellow activist, Emin Milli, was sick. The Azeri equivalent to a subpoena has not reached Huseynov and Mammadov because they do not live at the address that was given to the court, according to the Turan Information Agency. The documents have continued to be returned. [testing email to Soup] http://www.thecollegianur.com/2010/01/28/hajizada-still-in-jail-after-appeal-postponed-twice/
[testing email to Soup]

January 26 2010


Azerbaijan's human rights record "further deteriorated"

Human Rights Watch says, in its 2010 World Report, that Azerbaijan's government continued to use defamation and other criminal charges to intimidate and punish journalists and bloggers expressing dissenting opinions; at least nine are serving prison sentences at this writing.

January 25 2010


Free Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli

The “Support Azerbaijan youth activists” campaign, whose mission is to secure the release of activists Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli, has been collecting videos of solidarity from worldwide supporters.

January 20 2010


Interviews wanted at jailed Baku blogger's London protest

I'll have a small video camera at the demonstration outside the Azerbaijan Embassy on Friday Jan 22 @ 1pm.

The idea is to get short, 30" clips from some of those who made the effort to turn up.

The interviews will go into an article on Media Helping Media (MHM) and on MHM's You Tube site and our Facebook Group.

So if you see me with a small Flip camera and want to send a message, please say hi.


January 18 2010

Jan 22

London demonstration supporting jailed Azerbaijani bloggers

13:00 Azerbaijan Embassy, 4 Kensington Court London, W8 5DL Add this event to a calendar application
Support Adnan and Emin posts details of two demonstrations scheduled to take place outside the Embassies of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Paris and London in support of imprisoned video blogging youth activists Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli. The two men were detained last summer and sentenced to 2 and 2.5 years in prison in what most observers consider to be a politically motivated trial. More details.

January 17 2010


London protest for jailed Baku bloggers

On January 22nd, at 1 p.m, protest in front of Azerbaijani Embassy in London part of a series across the world calling for the freedom of the "Donkey Bloggers" more

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