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January 28 2010


Hajizada still in jail after appeal postponed twice

Alumnus and activist Adnan Hajizada’s appeal is set for Feb. 6 after being delayed twice, once by the defense. Hajizada’s first appeal, which was scheduled for Jan. 8, was postponed when the complaining witnesses, Babak Huseynov and Vusal Mammadov, were not there. The second appeal date was postponed when a lawyer of Hajizada and fellow activist, Emin Milli, was sick. The Azeri equivalent to a subpoena has not reached Huseynov and Mammadov because they do not live at the address that was given to the court, according to the Turan Information Agency. The documents have continued to be returned. [testing email to Soup] http://www.thecollegianur.com/2010/01/28/hajizada-still-in-jail-after-appeal-postponed-twice/
[testing email to Soup]

January 27 2010


Press freedom gets a red flag as World Cup approaches

As South Africa prepares to host the 2010 World Cup and “soccer fever” reaches its height, press freedom may be left on the benches. Police have recently subpoenaed two journalists working for private station e.tv to reveal their sources in a story about a scheme to commit violent crimes during the big event.

January 26 2010


Southeast Asia - battles ahead to defend media freedom

This year, in the first three weeks of January alone, we have already been given a sampling of the battles that must be waged to defend the press and journalists of the region.

With chairmanship of ASEAN in 2010 transferring from Thailand to Vietnam, the big question is, how far will ASEAN and AICHR go in recognizing press freedom as a legitimate agenda for the region’s leaders? The answer to that will only begin to be hinted at and explored over the course of the coming months. But it will be crucial to everything, from covering the elections in Burma and addressing impunity in the Philippines to protecting the integrity of the Internet as a democratic medium throughout the region.

January 25 2010


As Sri Lanka election nears, pro-opposition writer vanishes - Committee to Protect Journalists

New York, January 25, 2010—The Committee to Protect Journalists is deeply concerned by the reported disappearance of Prageeth Ekneligoda, a political reporter for the Sri Lankan news Web site Lanka eNews.

Lanka eNews Editor Sandurwan Senadeera told news organizations that Ekneligoda was last seen leaving the office on Sunday evening. He told news outlets that he fears the reporter may have been abducted. In its own account, Lanka eNews described Ekneligoda as a political analyst who has supported opposition presidential candidate Sarath Fonska, a retired general, in Tuesday’s election. The presidential election has already been marred by widespread violence and accusations of cheating by both sides.

January 19 2010


MDLF clients provide news to 32 million people

The Media Development Impact Dashboard 2009 reveals that more than 32 million people got their news from MDLF clients in 2008 and that after five years of working with us news businesses on average increased sales by 370%.
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