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January 27 2010


10 tips for spotting a news story

How do journalists spot a good story? What are the tell tale signs that distinguish fact from fiction? How do you know when you are on the right track? Journalist Jaldeep Katwala offers his top ten tips.

Please add your own tips as comments or join the discussion on the Media Helping Media Facebook Group. We will add the best tips to this piece. Let's see if we can reach 50 tips. Also, add your name so we can attribute the comments.

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January 24 2010


Tips for fledgling news organisations wanting to be more effective

Free tips on setting out a content strategy, identifying and serving a target audience and creating a financially sustainable media operation.

January 19 2010


Becoming a global media brand in 100 minutes

Anyone can be a global broadcaster and publisher in less than two hours using free tools that can be downloaded and activated in minutes. The following six steps offer a deliberately simplistic take on what is involved.

January 18 2010


Free custom-made training for journalists

Media Helping Media (MHM) is offering to write custom-made training modules for journalists in countries where support is not readily available. Just email the details of the need to this site and we will consider the request and try to produce a module, free of charge, by drawing on the MHM network of journalists worldwide.

How to set up a converged news operation

This module covers the editorial disciplines, workflows and technical systems needed for a news organisation to be able to exploit its content on multiple platforms (devices) in order to broaden its reach (increase audience) and tap into new revenue streams (financial sustainability). 
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